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fried chicken sandwich

National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day

Many of us may be considering watching the calories this close to Christmas, but if we could interest you in one more indulgence before then…

November 9th is a celebration of the mighty fried chicken sandwich. It is national fried chicken sandwich day. Granted it is an all American tradition, but as we’ve adopted everything from baby showers to dabbling in a bit of Thanks giving traditions, I feel we owe it  to the Americans to take one more under our wing (no pun intended) and said hallelujah to the fried chicken sandwich.

There is something so decadent about eating chicken this way. Lightly fried golden breadcrumb coating in a soft seeded bun, and that’s before we even discuss the condiments. Gherkins are a must to add that salty flavour to balance out the sweetness of the bread and mayonnaise (let’s be honest,  no sandwich is complete without some) then you have to have some fresh iceberg lettuce to give the sandwich that extra crispy bite. Okay, now lets talk cheeses. You might want to try some Monterrey Jack cheese slices for a smooth and creamy flavour, but just some normal burger slices will do.

Pimp your sandwich with a burger sauce instead of standard mayo and you’ve just upgraded your chicken fried sandwich to gourmet level. Simply combine tomato sauce and mayonnaise for a really quick and easy burger sauce.

Have we got you salivating yet? Check out our recipe here and have a go yourself. Tell all your friends and get celebrating national fried chicken sandwich day

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