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Rosemary and garlic pork chops


4 chunky pork chops

25g unsalted butter – melted.

2 cloves of garlic – peeled and crushed.

1 tsp of dried rosemary and few sprigs of  fresh rosemary.

Salt and pepper.

Cooking Instructions

Put a heavy bottomed pan on the stove/hob and bring to a high heat.

Place all 4 chops in pan and sear until golden brown (1-2 minutes max). Turn chops over to repeat on the side.

Don’t move the chops whilst they are cooking and they will caramalise better.

Add the dry rosemary an minced garlic to the butter and mix together.

Using a clean dry pastry brush, brush the pork chops on one side until all the butter mix is used up.

Season with salt and pepper.

Add the dry rosemary to the pan and bake in pre-heated  oven at 180 for  10 minutes.




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