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Make ahead gravy


I x pack of chicken wings (approx. 10-15)

2 x peeled carrots

2 x celery sticks

1 x onion peeled and halved

1 small bulb of garlic, smashed

3 bay leaves

Handful of peppercorns

Half a bottle of red wine or port

1 litre of water

Cooking Instructions

Place the chicken wings, carrots, celery onion garlic and bay leaves in a large deep tray

Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt

Roast at 180 degrees for 45 minutes, moving around ingredients around in the tray halfway through

Remove from oven, using a potato masher, smash the ingredients.

Stir in the flour, water and wine or port. Bring to boil in the tray on the hob or transfer to a pan.

Once boiling and thick, remove from heat and sieve the liquid through into a fresh pan. Discard the remnants.

Bring the liquid back to the boil and add 3 tbsp of red currant jelly or cranberry sauce.

Stir in well and season to taste.

Leave to cool and refrigerate or freeze.

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