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Bonfire night.

Guy Fawkes night, Bonfire night, fireworks night, whatever you call it, November 5th is the time of year to get wrapped up and spend an evening gazing up at the sky. The night itself may be remembering something quite sinister – the failed attempt at blowing up the houses of parliament – but it’s a tradition that dates back over 400 years and we have become obsessed with blowing things up and watching things burn during the first week of November.

By this time of year, the air is crisp and the clocks have just gone back. We have been thrust into the arms of autumn and we are embracing it. Bonfire night is a time to welcome the evenings drawing in and whether you spend your time outdoors under the full throttle of the fireworks display or hunkered down by the fire, watching happily from the window, be sure to have something wholesome and warming to hand.

Classic Fireworks night fodder ranges from jacket potatoes nestled in the embers of a the fire, barbecue baked beans on the hob and of course no Guy Fawkes night would be complete without some bangers on the barbecue. Why not go all out this year and try our Beef and Guinness sausages.

Soups are always a winner and we have the perfect one for you right here. Try our French Onion Soup featured in our recipe section and your guests will not be disappointed.

Add a nice hot toddy to the proceedings and you and your guests will be sure to have a banging night.

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