Charity Demonstration with Chenderit School

A big part of our philosophy is educating the wider community about meat, why it’s important to know where it comes from and knowing that it has been well cared for along every step of its journey. So when a few weeks ago we were asked if we would donate our time to help the food department at Chenderit School raise some money for new butchery knives we couldn’t say no. Mrs Rowe said it would be a small affair, maybe 30 people there to see a bit of a butchery demonstration over a mince pie and glass of mulled wine…

Within a couple of weeks 30 turned into 100+ and a small Christmas fair.

We like a challenge and despite the nerves put on a good show to a full house. With cameras projecting our work onto a big screen and a live stream to Facebook we demonstrated butchering a whole lamb, taking time to explain what cuts are best for what and answering the odd question along the way. Even after the demonstration was finished we were stopped and asked lots of questions about meat and butchery. It was really good to see how it had piqued everyone’s interest.

After we had finished our set and had a quick breather we sat down to watch the girls from The Supper Circle demonstrate some quick and easy festive desserts, they said they were terrified before hand but you wouldn’t have known it to watch them! We managed to try some of their mini pavlovas and brownies and were not disappointed. It was a really nice evening and a joy to be able to see people showing an interest in real food and what care goes into good produce.

The video is still available to watch on our Facebook page here.