Our new Butchery classes!

We know that butchering is a skill that many are in awe of and wish they could master so we decided to give people the opportunity to have a go themselves under the expert guidance of one of our top butchers. After listening to our customers about the things they wish they knew how to do, we designed a range of different classes to let them have a go for themselves.

Probably the most entertaining of the three classes we offer is the sausage masterclass. Our butcher will guide you through what makes up a good sausage (and what doesn’t) before setting you loose on the sausage stuffer – see if you can keep up without showering your classmates in sausage meat! Once you’ve managed to fill your skins, we will show you how to link the sausages ready to package and take home to try. Book individual tickets or why not try it as a family or group of friends and book the whole session for yourselves.

Our next class is the Basic Skills Class, our butcher will guide you through boning a piece of meat and then show you how to roll it before teaching you the master skill of tying those knots. Then you will have a lovely joint to take home and roast. This class is ideal for couples.

For the more adventurous we have an opportunity to butcher half a lamb or pig. You will learn all the different cuts that can be gained from each animal and how to butcher them. We will talk you through what bits are best for and which cuts hold the most flavour. This class can be taken solo or as a group, we only charge for each half animal.

Classes must be booked through the shop and dates will be made available to meet demand.

Sausage Masterclass – £65 per person (max of 6 in a class) or £250 for a private session

Basic Skills – £150 for 2 people (max of 6 in a class)

Butcher Half a Pig/Lamb – £250